SolidariosHi World Congress Madrid 2017


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Malcolm Johnson – Presentation

Kirby Dunn and Claire de Kerautem: Homesharing: what brings us together and what can we learn from our differences. A dialogue between Europe and the United States

Communication and marketing skills: What we talk about when we talk about Homeshare: a revision of the perception of these programmes. Beris Campbell, Director of Homeshare Australia and Rhian Bradley, Chair of Homeshare International

Respect, tolerance and dealing with “difference”. Breaking down intergenerational, intercultural, economic, gender, ethnic and other types of barrier. Cross-sectional approach. Claire Morphet, PossAbilities Homeshare, Manchester, UK (Download abstract)

Sibel Whitehead and Zaira de Novallis: The monetary and economic value of Homeshare

Marcos Böcker (SOLIDARIOS para el Desarrollo). Keys to the growth of intergenerational programmes

The experience of commercial/non-profit collaboration to promote intergenerational Homeshare programmes in the UK. Chris Anderson, Director of Donations of the Lloyds Bank Foundation and Alex Fox, CEO of Shared LivesPlus UK

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