SolidariosHi World Congress Madrid 2017

5º Congreso Mundial Madrid 2017

About Homeshare

Homeshare brings together two people in a home for mutual benefit. In the majority of cases, it matches older people at their homes with youngsters, many times university students, for them to give each other company in an experience of mutual learning and of intergenerational solidarity. This movement works in the United States, France, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, in Japan and in Australia, although there are programmes and similar iniciatives in other countries.  Programmes from different countries have their own specific models and features.

  • Promotes an independent life but, nonetheless, with strong social bonds between generations and cultures

  • Gives company and provides safety to the elderly, especially diring the night

  • Strengthens the older people’s social and family bonds

  • Provides an affordable housing alternative

  • Fosters musutal support and solidarity values

  • Saves public spending on health and caregiving services for the elderly

  • Promotes interaction between different generations and cultures